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xLifeStyle Is a well known Forex trader who has helped his members earn over $5.4 million dollars trading Forex. They are one of the... Forex Signals – fxlifestyle 2.5


FxLifeStyle Is a well known Forex trader who has helped his members earn over $5.4 million dollars trading Forex. They are one of the most profitable Forex trading companies in the entire world and accept members from all over the world! (over 93.7% of their signals make members profit & the methods they teach in their course have made our members over $4000+ PER DAY!)

Forex signals are one of the best and easiest ways for new traders to make a simple easy & fast profit through Forex trading.

Forex Signals can be very useful in assisting you to make profits. In fact, Forex signals are one of the easiest ways you could become successful through Forex trading.


Because you are copying professionals who have years & years of experience. Instead of doing all the hard work you can copy the pros and earn profits using their Forex signals. 


  • They send you the exact Forex trades they will be trading for you to copy and paste Into your broker account….
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VIP Forex signals are the fastest way to making big profits through Forex.

A Vip Forex signal Is a suggestion for when to enter a trade on a currency pair, usually at a specific time Everyday you’ll receive profitable Vip Forex signals directly to your phone for you to copy, trade & profit Forex signals provide you with live Information and let your earn profits just like the top Forex traders are

Editor’s view on FXLifeStyle

This is my honest review of his course + signals. Neither is good. The actual course isn’t structured and is so basic, it’s embarrassing. He doesn’t really teach you how to trade, just what indicators to slap on your charts and “if it goes up, trade up. If it goes down, trade down”.

That’s hardly a long-term effective way to earn money consistently trading. It’s difficult to hear him speak and the course, for him, was an afterthought. There was no planning involved and its as if he just turned on the camera, randomly went back in trading history and picked out the “winners” and used past results to justify what “would’ve been profits”. That’s just not how trading works. Hindsight is always 20/20 and using technical analysis alone (since I joined his course and kept searching) is simply not the way true professionals trade.

Secondly, the signals. I have traded the signals for 2 weeks straight on a DEMO ACCOUNT. All of them. I missed not one, even when the bulk of them turned out to be losers, I kept trading them anyway because I want to review their signal, I take trading seriously and I wanted to give the signals a fair shake.

Before I could start trading the strategies in the course, I needed to make sure I could make money from his signals from the strategies he teaches. If what he taught in the course was truly effective, it would be proof enough for me to hunger down and study his strategies and practice. Seeing that, on average, you’d get 3 trades per day – mon thru fri – that’s roughly 12 -15 trades per week sent out.

Of those, you’d get 2, MAYBE 3 winners out of 15. So 2 – 3 days out the week, you’d be in the whole up to 6 – 9% ASSUMING you trade at the recommended 1% risk per trade, which I did. Than you’d have ONE winner which gave you a 1 – 2% gain, but you’re still negative 8 – 9% per week. If you do 2% per trade, you can double the percentage losses per week.

I’m not saying you don’t lose in trading. You do. That’s the cost of doing business, but when you’re losing multiple days in a row when you get 2 – 3 signals per day makes for a very poor trader, if a trader at all.

Is Samir actually trading his signals? I don’t know. If he is, there’s no way he’s consistently earning money overall. I give FXLifestyle credit for, are his inspirational videos to be a successful trader even if the bulk of his profit isn’t really from trading, I attracted the right people who do live that lifestyle from trading, it’s just that you won’t see the ‘flashiness’ from the truly successful traders. In fact, you won’t see their face and they keep a low-profile (again, making them difficult to find) I feel like he’s more of a very successful marketer, but that’s fine. Although I wasn’t happy with the course or signals.

The key, for anyone reading this, is FUNDAMENTALS. Technical trading is very, very difficult and very few people succeed because it’s mechanical. But, what moves the markets ENTIRELY has NOTHING to do with parabolic sars, moving averagers or patterns. It has everything to do with Bank Interest Rates, Employment Numbers, strength of a currency relative to another and other ECONOMIC/FUNDAMENTAL/NEWS factors that allows a professional to accurately predict nearly 90% of the time the direction of the market. This is how true professional, multi-millionaire forex traders trade. They use technical analysis to help enter a trade, not as a reason for entering a trade. Human emotion moves the market, not technical analysis. 

I hope this helps anyone reading this.

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  • Reasonable Price.
  • Easy to Understand Content
  • Good customer service by them
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