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FBS is an international broker with more than 190 countries of presence. 14 000 000 traders and 370 000 partners have already chosen FBS... FBS Review 3.5

FBS is an international broker with more than 190 countries of presence. 14 000 000 traders and 370 000 partners have already chosen FBS as their preferred Forex company.

To provide the best customer experience FBS organizes seminars and special events, providing its clients with training materials, cutting-edge trading technologies and latest strategies on the Forex market. Both newbie and professional traders will find these sessions useful.

FBS by the numbers

Everyday 7000 traders’ and partners’ accounts are opened Half of our clients multiply their initial deposit by 8-10 times 48% of our clients consider their profits from FBS their main source of income Every 20 seconds clients make a request to withdraw profits 80% of our clients stay with us forever

Our achievements

FBS was founded in 2009 and since then received numerous international awards: the Best FX IB Program, Best FX Broker Indonesia, Best Forex Broker Southeast Asia, Best Forex Broker Thailand, Best International Forex Broker, Best Customer Service Broker Asia 2016, Top IB Program 2016, Highly Recommended Broker Insurance Company in Indonesia of the year, Best Forex Brand, Asia 2015, Best Safety of Client Funds Asia 2015, Best broker in Asia-Pacific region 2015, Best broker in the Middle East, Most Transparent Forex Broker – 2018, Best Forex Trading Account 2018, Best Copy Trading Application Global – 2018, Best Forex Broker Asia-2018, Best Investor Education – 2017, Best FX IB Program – China 2017, the Most Progressive Forex Broker Europe 2019, Best Forex Broker Vietnam 2019.


FBS Summary

Account opening is available for residents of almost every country and is fully digital.

Can you open an account?

Almost anybody can open an account with FBS. except the USA, who are at least 18 years old can become FBS clients.

Account types

Cent account is a great option for Forex beginners and those who want to test a new strategy. $1 is a recommended deposit to start trading. Order volume may vary from 0.01 to 1000 cent lots. The leverage is up to 1:1000, that means that you can control $10 while having just 1 cent. You can enjoy a floating spread from 1 pip.

Micro account. The recommended initial deposit is $5. The leverage is up to 1:3000. Zero commission is one of the greatest features of this account. Order volume is from 0.01 to 500 lots.

The next type is a Standard account. It is a popular account type with optimal conditions for traders who know what they want. The recommended deposit to start trading equals to $100 and the spread is floating from 0,5 pip. The leverage you can use increases to 1:3000.

Zero spread account suits those who can’t or wouldn’t like to pay spread. Instead, these traders pay commission from $20 for a lot. The leverage is the same as for the standard and micro accounts. Recommended initial deposit for this account type is $500.

Finally, ECN account.  Here FBS recommend you to start trading with an initial deposit of $1000. The leverage is up to 1:500. Commission of $6 for a lot is accompanied by floating spread from -1 pip.

FBS has average trading and non-trading fees.
  • No inactivity fee
  • Transparent fee structure
  • Lower fees for Higher Tier clients
  • $1 withdrawal fee
  • High financing rate
  • Slow account verification
Feature FBS
Minimum Initial Deposit $1
Average Spread EUR/USD - NA
All-in Cost EUR/USD - NA
Active Trader or VIP Discounts YES

Deposit FBS does not charge for Credit/Debit card Deposits You can deposit via credit/debit card on FBS’s Personal Area, and the deposited fund will be reflected into your account instantly. FBS accepts only VISA, Mastercard and Maestro.

Withdrawal FBS charges 1 dollars for each Credit/debit card withdrawal. After you request for a withdrawal via card, FBS will process the withdrawal in 48 hours. The fund should be back into your card(bank account), after the card company(payment provider) has processed it.mple Description

FBS Product Offers

Feature FBS
Forex: Spot Trading YES
Currency Pairs (Total Forex pairs) 37
CFDs - Total Offered 11
Social Trading / Copy-Trading YES
Cryptocurrency traded as Actual NO
Cryptocurrency traded as CFD YES

FBS offers a wide range of MetaTrader platforms for Windows and Mac.

A set of MT applications for Android and iOS allows you to trade on your account from any smartphone or tablet.

What are the advantages of MT platform?

Trade on MetaTrader without requotes or order deviations, with a wide range of leverage.

MT Features

  • More than 41 tools: currency pairs, CFD and Futures
  • The same login data to enter all the platforms
  • Low spreads
  • Full functional expert advisors (EA)
  • One-click trading and embedded news
  • Technical analysis tools: 50 indicators and charting tools
  • 3 types of charts
  • Micro-lot accounts (optional)
  • Hedging positions
  • VPS service support

MetaTrader 4

MetaTrader 5

Is FBS Safe?

FBS is considered high-risk. FBS is not publicly traded and does not operate a bank. FBS is authorised by zero tier-1 regulators (high trust), one tier-2 regulator (average trust), and one tier-3 regulator (low trust). 

Regulations Comparison

Feature FBS
Year Founded 2009
Publicly Traded (Listed) No
Bank No
Tier-1 Licenses 0
Tier-2 Licenses 1
Tier-3 Licenses 1
Trust Score 58
FBS has phone, e-mail, and live chat support. When tested, the live chat could not answer complex questions. For example, how pricing is structured for forex transactions.

Pros Phone support Live chat Fast response time

Cons Irrelevant and inconsistent answers, and an unprofessional tone on live chat.

Our Review

 We have been testing FBS for over a year now and have absolutely no complains at all. Smooth connections. We did experience some glitches earlier but they’ve seems improved it.

Fast deposit even faster payout and a helpful customer service. A bit high spreads absolutely but i knew that upfront. Blown accounts absolutely because of my own stupidity and non money management. If you’re account is blown due to a 50 pip rise or fall of the price than you’re not trading forex but you’re a gambler.

Withdrawals (Skrill) never have taken longer than 30 minutes (fastest 5 minutes!). In our humble experience a very good broker and find it hard to believe that we are the only one with this experience.

FBS is very professional in their approach.With FBS it is easy to make money trading Forex.
  • Great support.
  • a lot of webinars and news.
  • Less Commission.
  • FBS lack of regulatory status in a major jurisdiction puts it at a disadvantage.

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